Clear Braces Cost - Initial Consultation $99

The initial consultation is about getting to know each other while assessing your basic motivations and emotional needs. In general, self esteem and confidence are the main drivers for this treatment. Once we have established this, we carry out a 40 point orthodontic exam, checking your teeth, jaw joints, smile aesthetics, facial proportions and symmetry, as well as speech, habits or function. 

This allows us to formulate a tentative treatment plan. We thoroughly explain our findings and discuss if and how orthodontic treatment can help with rectifying your concerns. The treatment plan will outline important information like: what appliances would be most effective (clear braces, invisalign or alternatives). We will discuss duration of the treatment, costs and payment plans and consider how your work, social or family life will be affected during your treatment. This initial consultation will take approximately 40 mins and is claimable with Private Health Insurance. 


Clear Braces Cost

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Clear Braces Upper & Lower Arch $4999

Upper and lower arch refers to your top and bottom teeth. We will fix brackets (braces) to all necessary teeth in your mouth to create the smile you desire. The process takes 6-9 months. On completion we also supply retainers to ensure your teeth don't have an opportunity to move back to their previous positions.

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Clear Braces Upper or Lower Arch $3499

If you have a only a few teeth that are causing you concern, then we can offer Clear Braces for either arch, individually. During the initial consultation we will discuss these options and clearly outline what can be achieved. Even with a single arch, the process will still take 6-9 months.


We offer 'No Interest' payment plans through DentiCare.

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